Paragraf’s patented contamination-free deposition technology delivers game-changing opportunities for the commercialisation of graphene, by allowing us to manufacture high-purity 2D graphene sheets at scale.


At Paragraf, we not only specialise in the manufacture of graphene but also its seamless integration into ready to use products that can be quickly adopted by our customers and partners to support the advancement of their technologies. The integration of graphene allows our Hall effect sensors to deliver unrivalled measurements, sensing, and control in ultra-high resolution magnetic field sensing and positioning applications.


Paragraf’s cryogenic graphene hall sensor is the first and only Hall effect sensor capable of measuring magnetic field strengths of 7 Tesla (T) and above, at temperature extremes at the mK level. This allows industry, for the first time, to increase throughput with quicker magnet mapping by removing NMR probe mapping stages. Our cryogenic sensor also allows measurements directly in cold bore, removing the need for room temperature inserts, and providing a quicker collection of quality data.

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