Program at a Glance

The conference program will consist in 65 presentations, divided in 6 Keynote, 13 invited,  28  contributed oral talks, and 18 posters.

They will be organized in the following sessions:

  • New frontiers for energy efficiency
  • LIDAR as advanced environment technology
  • Quantum Technologies for future communications
  • SNSPDs for particle physics experiments
  • New architectures for sizing quantum devices
  • Low Temperature Josephson Junction Electronics
  • SNSPDs for near IR applications

Moreover, a Special Session on Quantum Detection will be held on April 16th: it will comprise 2 Keynote, 9 invited and 1 contributed oral presentation.

Please note that this program refers to the live part of the virtual conference.

In the case of the Keynote talks, those scheduled will be the times in which  the presentations are broadcasted.

For all the other oral presentations, both Invited and contributed, the relevant time allotted will be devoted to a brief presentation, followed by Q&A time with the author. In fact, the relevant presentations will be available on the conference platform three days prior to the conference: attendees will be reminded to view them by email, so that they would be able to  discuss  the  presentations with their authors.

As to the poster sessions, all the material (the pdf file and a short presentation) will be available three days before them: at the beginning of each session   all the relevant presentations will be broadcasted, and then a discussion room open for each of them.

For any presentation (oral -Invited and contributed- and poster) a Q&A box will be set up, so that even before the live part of the conference, the attendee can get in touch with the authors. For the Keynote presentations, it will be set immediately afterwards. All the presentations and Q&A boxes will remain available for one month after the conference.

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