Lieven Vandersypen

Director Research, QuTech, TU Delft, The Netherlands
Presenter Bio
A vision for a semiconductor quantum processor – hot, dense and coherent
Quantum computation has captivated the minds of many for almost two decades. For much of that time, it was seen mostly as an extremely interesting scientific problem. In the last few years, we have entered a new phase as the belief has grown that a large-scale quantum computer can actually be built. Quantum bits encoded in the spin state of individual electrons in silicon quantum dot arrays have emerged as a highly promising direction. In this talk, I will present our vision of a large-scale spin-based quantum processor with integrated on-chip classical electronics, and ongoing work to realize this vision. We have achieved two-qubit gate fidelities of more than 99.5% and universal control of up to six qubits. In close collaboration with our engineering colleagues and Intel, we have implemented universal qubit control using a cryogenic control chip, which will help overcome the wiring bottleneck. We have also performed preliminary experiments with switched capacitor circuits integrated on the qubit chip. Finally, we have tested the impact of higher operating temperatures on the qubit performance. When combined, the progress along these various fronts can lead the way to scalable systems of high-fidelity spin qubit registers for computation and simulation.

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